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I would have to describe myself as an over-passionate creator.  I have so many creative interests and find myself so sincerely involved in all of them, that I just can't resist taking it "all the way" everytime with every project.  Being creative is my life.  From my days in school I was attracted to the arts and music.  I spent my youth learning many instruments and creating visual art.  As my music skills developed, I spent close to 15 years performing in live bands and writing music everyday.  During that time I also took an interest in photography and filmaking, and began to work on the side doing everything from weddings to music videos.  I take all of my work very seriously.  I am very honest and my integrity shines through in even the smallest of projects.  I often go over and above the call of duty, simply because I have to.  Whether it's photography, original music, videography, audio, or graphics and animation, I'm a solid candidate to produce excellent quality work for your project.  You will enjoy working with me.  My sense of humour, down to earth personality, make me a fun and interesting guy to work with.  Can't wait to meet you!
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